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Build Your Brand

Students use MyEdu throughout their entire academic career. Start building brand awareness earlier than ever.

Your MyEdu company brand is a powerful way to communicate everything your company has to offer prospective employees. Stand out against your recruiting competitors and show students why they should come work for you.

Target Your Job Postings

Your job postings on MyEdu are targeted to the candidates who meet criteria you set. Target by school, major, or year of graduation and have your jobs featured to the students you're looking for. This increases the overall quality of your candidates without increasing your workload.

Students in the South
Students in Business

Find Your Candidates

Search and filter through millions of students in seconds, and skip hours of research. Find students in specific schools or across the country that meet your hiring criteria. Once you Identify your candidates, message and invite them to your next recruiting event or connect with the students whose schools you aren’t visiting this year.

Browse Student Profiles

The student profile is a powerful way to quickly digest a student's skills, work experience, projects and accomplishments. This unique “virtual resume” gives you a deeper look into candidates to help you find the students who best fit your job post.

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